1. I’m a course + conference junkie.  I’ve had the honor to learn from Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Darren Hardy, Lewis Howes, Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, Chalene Johnson, Natalie Jill, Abraham Hicks, Amanda Frances, Kathrin Zenkina, Marisa Murgatroyd, Bob Heilig, Elise Darma, Natalie Jill, Jesse Regan, and Cara Rice.

2. I’ve walked on fire.  Twice.

3. I was born and raised in Los Angeles.  Rare breed I know.  I still live there.  The irony?  I get mistaken for a New Yorker all the time because I think fast and get sh*t done.

4. I’m kinda obsessed with Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry.  Like I could listen to them on repeat for hours. Nothing beats turning up their tunes and just rockin’ out!

5. I love me some green juice and kale chips.  Salad, superfood shakes, and bulletproof coffee keep me high vibe and full of energy.  I believe in the mind body connection and am super passionate about nutrition. I even used to be a health and fitness coach.

6. Devil Wears Prada is my all time favorite movie.  All.those.clothes!!  OMG.  Can you imagine just a couple hours in that style closet??

7. I knew my calling at 15. That summer I designed an Esprit shopping bag for a design class.  A couple months later I saw my design pattern on actual Esprit bags.  It was a sign if I’ve ever seen one.  Clearly I channeled the pattern.  Never looked back.

8. After traveling around the world, I went back to school to learn hair, makeup and lighting.  Working as a makeup artist was the most fun ever but my dream to be a photographer won out.  Still can’t go to Sephora thought without spending $300.

9. I believe we create our own reality and it should be frickin’ awesome.

10. Favorite movie scene: