The Most Important Piece When Building Brand & Biz

There’s a common misconception that your services or your colors are the most important piece when building your brand and business.

Those are key players, but the most important piece is: who you want to help.

You’re going to be helping your clients all day, every day. You’ll probably even see them more than your friends & family - so you want to be really clear on who that person is that you’ll be spending on this time with.

The big question is… what is the specific transformation you’re taking them on?

I always start with my Dream Client workbook.

When you’re trying to help everyone, you’re really helping no one, and you exhaust yourself because you’re pulled in so many directions. It’s really hard to niche down your marketing, messaging and visuals when you’re casting such a wide net!

Honing in on who you’re targeting is really important because it speaks to so much of your business. You want to speak to that person and what their pain points are.