3 Secrets to Take Your Brand to the Next Level


Is the brand that people see not congruent with the level of success that you’ve reached?

Here are three ways that you can massively uplevel your brand and authentically represent who you are to your tribe:

1. Custom Brand Photoshoot

Photos are the best way to tell your brand story.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words…

In order to get the most out of your photoshoot you need to create a plan and be purposeful in your shot list.

You cannot assume that your photographer will know exactly what you want and be able to create the vision you have in your head.

The pre-work does not rest solely on the photographer, YOU need to become involved in the planning if you want the best results. The photos are for you, representing your brand and you need to ensure that this is going to be correctly portrayed. 

It starts with you being clear on your vision first.

They are more than just photos, this is your chance to create your visual brand story and connect with your audience. It is the chance to show your audience the different facets of your brand, who you are as a person and what it is you have to offer. 

A brand photoshoot will make your marketing easy because you’ll have oodles of images that you love and are aligned with your offer and content.  You won’t have to spend ages looking for stock photos or put yourself at risk of copyright infringement by “borrowing” or re-graming photos.

You’ll find that you show up with so much confidence because your vision is real. What you see and feel inside is now out in the world for others to connect with.

To plan for your photoshoot you want to pay attention to the details -- wardrobe, location, hair and makeup, props, etc. Check out some custom brand photoshoot examples here.

2. Language 

The language you use to connect with your audience is so important. 

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at with your business, you should be regularly checking in that you are using the ‘right’ language. Are you speaking to your dream client with the words they use to describe their problem, results, needs, etc?

As your business evolves and you understand your audience more, you’ll need to refine the language you use so it is more aligned. The language they connect with most will change over time. Even the way your audience describes their problems might change.

The best way to find out which language they connect with most is through market research, such as surveys and interviews. 

You should be dialling in on that very specific language that your audience is using, so that you can mirror it back to them. This will make them feel like you’re directly speaking to them and will be more effective.

There’s so many different phrases which have the same meaning, but each phrase will connect with a different set of people. 

3. Values over Benefits

Are you going deep enough about what it is you actually do and the end results you achieve for your clients?

It’s easy to get stuck discussing the step-by-step tasks you do for a client, but what about what they actually care about, the transformation!

Focus on the benefits that your clients are gaining from working with you and what you’re helping them to achieve. 


As you’re upleveling your brand, you may have to re-evaluate what it is you do for clients and tune into who you've become through all this business growth. You have learnt and grown so much since starting your business, so really align into who you’ve become. 

Make sure you are consistent with who you are and what you want to portray to the world!

To recap, three secrets to take your brand to the next level: 

  • Have a planned and purposeful brand photoshoot - make sure to focus on the details

  • Refine your language - carry out market research with your tribe to ensure you’re still in alignment with how they describe their pain points

  • Lead with value and the benefits you give your clients - people can then understand why they should be working with YOU and that you're the answer to their problems

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