4 Instagram Story Tips to Turn Followers into Clients


Instagram stories are such a fun way to market your brand and the more casual nature makes it easier to show up authentically, building connections and deepening your trust with your audience.


You’re confused on how stories can be used intentionally to connect with your tribe, build your following and ultimately turn prospects into clients?

Here’s my top four tips on how to capitalize on your Instagram stories…


Your Instagram profile feed is generally going to be more curated because the visual aspect of your profile is important.

When people land on your profile you want them to think - “I like this feed, it makes me feel good.” This piques their curiosity so they go further and read your captions and then click on your link and ideally opt into your list.

Whereas, with stories, this is a great place to share more of the behind-the-scenes of your business and life. They disappear after 24 hours, which gives you that freedom to be a bit more playful and not worry so much about the ‘look’ of them. 

Take photos throughout your day of what you are doing, what books you’re reading, what podcasts you’e listening to and what really happens in the daily running of your business. 

This gives people an insight into who you are as a person and the face behind the brand. 

If you’re new to using Instagram stories, have fun with them and start sharing about what it's like to walk in your shoes throughout the day.


When you start posting to stories I invite you to get creative with using the text editor, filters, adding GIF’s and the various filming methods such as boomerang. You want your story to be engaging and stand out to viewers. 

You have to remember that viewers are flicking through stories quickly, so you want to think about what you can do to capture people’s attention and pique their curiosity. If it’s just picture, picture, picture it’s not going to be as exciting as picture, boomerang, video, picture with a GIF. Think about your audience and how can you be imaginative to capture their attention?  It’s all about creating visual texture.


When you put in the extra effort to make them more fun and playful, they’ll be more fun for you to create and your tribe is going to be more inclined to come back and look at your content again and again because it's so creative. 


So how do you actually build connection with your audience via Instagram stories?


It’s all in the DM’s. The direct messaging feature of Instagram is where you build your 1:1 connections with your audience and where you can be making sales. Imagine that - making sales simply via your DM’s!!!

Before stories, the main form of building connections was through comments on posts in your feed, however engagement has dropped on posts since stories started. This is actually a good thing since DM’s are much more effective. Rather than focusing on increasing comments on your posts, you should be focusing on increasing the amount of DM’s you get from your stories. Focus on creating real connections.

When creating your story, think of ways to encourage your viewers to DM you. Ask questions and tell your audience to reply by sending a message in the box below, perhaps ask for recommendations or advice. Keep things simple for people to reply. If your viewer can think of a quick reply, they are more likely to respond. 

This works both ways, start replying to other people’s stories too. Start new direct message conversations of your own. 


Consistency, consistency, consistency! It applies for everything. 

I encourage you to make it a priority to post on your stories every single day. 

If you’ve never posted anything on your stories before, start with one or two. Build the muscle. 

If you've already been posting for a little bit, step it up to be posting five pieces of content daily. Start using more elements and features of the platform, start creating stories which are more engaging, how else can you be changing it up and trying something new?

Turning followers into clients on Instagram can be fun and simple It does take time.  Showing showing up authentically, creating engaging stories, being consistent and starting conversations in the DM’s will all help. 

Find your Instagram story style and see what results come your way.

Jordan DuvallComment