Creating a strong mission statement


How to easily express what you do to fill your calendar with dream clients

What happens when someone asks you what it is you do?

Are you unsure of what to say or do you say something which is a jumble and leaves them feeling confused?

The way to combat this is by having clear mission, this involves three parts:

1. Targeted beneficiary 

Get specific on who you help.

Not just women, or women entrepreneurs, or women over the age of 20. Get super clear!

Whether it's service-based professionals, such as coaches or consultants, or a product based business -- think about how you can get more specific and niche down.

Make it clear who you’re speaking to will help people self-identify and attract them to you.

2. Benefits

What is it that you're providing for your dream client that's gonna make them want to work with you?

You need to help them understand that YOU are the solution to their problem. 

Either focus on one core main benefit or you can break it down into three MAX -- more than that and people tune out.

3. Results

What is the end result that you're providing? That’s what people ultimately want -- RESULTS.

What is the ONE THING that your dream client wants more than anything else in the world -- that only you can provide?

Get as quantifiable and specific with the result as possible

Don’t be vague, such as ‘I help women live their best life’, what is defined as ‘best life’? It would be different for everyone.

Would you pay for that without knowing what you’re actually gonna get at the end of the process?

For example, do you help women gain control of their schedule and map out a three month plan to achieve their goals? It’s very concrete. It's very easy to quantify, so people can understand whether they want it or not. Whether it’s something they want to invest in. 

Once you have these three pieces figured out go ahead and put them together into a mission statement.

Jordan DuvallComment