How to Attract Dream Clients


Drained from attracting soul sucking clients?

You feel like you're doing everything right.

But you’re not getting any dream clients. Instead you’re attracting clients who’ve massive objections or end up being a nightmare. 

Would you like to attract soulmate clients?

Here are my three favorite tips to help you attract dream clients…


It’s time to  deep dive. Do the work.  And really get into your dream clients head. In order to fully understand them you need to understand the conversation they’re having.

Their emotional landscape …

What are their needs, desires and pain points? This is the foundation!

I recommend checking in every 6 months and re-evaluate you’re still putting out the right message which is in line with what you offer and who you serve.


If life is a mirror then you must mirror back the language your dreamies connect with. That’s resonance.

How do they describe their pain points?  You may think it’s one thing and they use a different word of phrase. It’s super important to understand how they actually described what their pain points are and what’s the transformation they are looking for. 

This builds a stronger connection and deepens trust.

Go out and have as many conversations as you can with your dream client so you can learn to “speak their language.”


You have the strategy, you have the branding, you have the plan, but do you have the energy?

Your energy is really the driving force behind everything you do!

So, you want to tune in and figure out what is the energetic set point that I'm coming from and emitting out? What is the frequency that I'm vibrating at? 

Is my energy on the same level of people that I want to attract?

What can you do to make sure you’re prioritizing your energy?

If you are struggling with attracting dream clients, try these three tips that I recommend and see what shifts you experience with your client enquiries. It’s a journey, but start making those changes today which will improve your future business development.

Jordan DuvallComment