How to make your business stand out


Do you feel like you're just blending in to everything that's going on in the online world and your dreamies aren’t actually seeing what you do? 

Well, here are four tips on how you can make your business stand out online:


You only have about 3 seconds to make a good impression… if that!

There’s so much information coming at us throughout our days, so it’s instinctual that we make a judgement about things so quickly. We make an opinion, whether it’s conscious and/or subconscious. 

Your branding is a reflection of your attitude about your entire business. 

This is why it is so important that you put some intention behind what your visual brand looks like, because that’s how people can figure out straightaway what you're all about, whether you're legit and whether you take yourself seriously. They really figure out how to interpret what you do and know whether it's right for them or not. 

The visuals are what people generally see first, right? People see the picture, then they decide whether they want to read the message. 

So, even if you are still in the early stages of your business or you have been in business for a while, it really pays off to invest your time and money into your branding. 

You need to elevate your brand as much as possible, by any means currently available for you.

Either do it yourself by seeking out various trainings or hire a professional to do it for you.  

It greatly increases how people feel about your brand and how seriously they take you, if your branding has the intention behind it and there has been clear thought put into it. 


Clear, aligned and consistent -- those are the 3 words you want your audience to use when describing your brand.

You want your dreamies to be able to resonate with your messaging, this is what draws them in further.

So, it's really important to do the deep work so you’re clear on your messaging points and your brand pillars, then when you do show up and speak, you're speaking to your people directly. 

It also paramount you know WHO your dream client is. Who are you wanting to speak to? Is it specific enough?

Trying to talk to everyone will never work. You need to find your niche, your tribe and speak to them. Relate to their specific pain points. 


To show up as authentically as you can is an easy thing to say, but the only way that this actually works is if you are authentic with yourself. 

This is where mindset work supports you. 

You have to do the inner work to really get clear on who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Get through the blocks around success and failure.

You have to be comfortable with who you are, be confident!

When you are truly YOU, you will show up authentically and the people who you want to work with will be attracted to you. 


I know this can seem super boring and consistency for some just sounds oppressive. 


And when you aren't consistent, people don't trust you whether they're conscious of it or not.

The days that you choose not to show up, it's like your business is closed. 

People are coming to you for value, for information, for support and to learn more. So, when you're not around, they're going to go and look elsewhere. 

Once you erode trust, it's really hard to get it back. 

It's really important to respect and value the trust that you have with your dreamies. To earn their trust and nurture it consistently. 

Also, INTERNAL CONSISTENCY - do you really want the thing that you say you want? 

For example, if you want to become successful, but then internally you think that if you do, it’ll ruin your relationships or something about you. Your subconscious is saying no!

That will cause a values conflict and will show up as inconsistency. 

Or it could be a timing issue. You could not be consistent because you aren't managing your time well and that's totally normal. We all struggle with time management. 

Maybe it’s about reorganizing your tasks, so that you're making time for the one task that is most important. It’s about your commitment. 

If you want to become consistent, you have to decide on what are the steps you need to put in place to ensure that you stay on track. 

What will be the tasks that are not completed because of a dedicated commitment? As the commitment had higher priority. 

Focus on what is the most important task - the one which will move your business forward. 

This may be the more difficult, more time consuming task, but that’s what needed. 

Sometimes you have to ask the hard question - is this going to be more effective and move my business forward? 

If you are not seeing consistency in your business, ask yourself... 

  • Why am I not being consistent?

  • Is it coming from a time management issue? 

  • Is it coming from, ‘I'm not proud of what I want’? 

  • Is is coming from a fear of visibility? 

  • Am I setting false expectations of what I could actually get done today? 

Reframe your thoughts. 

Making your business stand out online can be difficult.

You have to be incredibly committed and really passionate about your message. 

You have to show up and make the decision that you're going to do it no matter what.

Jordan DuvallComment