The Importance of Knowing Your Dream Client


Have you clearly defined your dreamy (aka dream client)?

Understanding your dream client goes beyond the basic demographics of knowing their age, location, what blogs they read etc.

When creating content you want to keep in mind that you’re having a conversation

Ask yourself these questions about your dream client...

  • How do they feel when they look in the mirror at themselves?

  • How do they feel when they wake up in the morning?

  • How do they feel when they go about their day? 

  • How do they feel in their relationship, in their business and with their children?

  • How do they feel when they go to sleep? 

You really want to understand the emotional experience your dream client is going through everyday.

Your dream client makes decisions based on emotions. What are those actions they’re taking based on their emotions?

What is it like to walk in the shoes of your dream client everyday?

Knowing the demographics of your dream client is good, but that is not as important as understanding their emotional landscape. Understanding their thoughts and feelings will really help you in creating your messaging, connecting to your audience, building a tribe and ultimately attract your dream client to make a purchase. 

Your dream client is waiting for you to show up and be of service to them, so get to know them deeply. Build connections by understanding them and being able to share knowledge which is incredibly valuable specifically to them. 

Today, I invite you to sit down and journal, who is your dream client? Go deep and see what comes up for you!

Jordan DuvallComment