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Instantly, people noticed how much more professional, fun, and inviting my brand has become since getting the Exclusive VIP Brand & Styling Experience with Jordan and her team. I've worked with branding experts in the past, and ended up doing way more work that expected because they just couldn't understand my vision.  I was constantly putting out fires instead of enjoying the process.

Jordan was able to take everything out of my head and turn it into a year's worth of photos in just 2 days. My sales have increased, traffic on my website and social media have MASSIVELY increased (think 8k followers in 8 weeks!), and my revenue has increased by over $35k per month all because of my new up-leveled image.

Working with Jordan, you get a PROFESSIONAL who has your back all the way. She knows what she's doing and will not let you and your baby (your business!) down. If you're an entrepreneur on the fence of working with Jordan, take the freaking leap! YOU DESERVE IT and your business depends on you showing up fully by investing in it. I'm so happy I invested in Jordan's VIP package, and now I won't go ANYWHERE else. This is the real deal. 

       -Kathrin Z aka Manifestation Babe

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"To say that Jordan has changed my business, and my life, is an understatement.”

I was frozen in inaction with my business and I had no idea how to move forward to transform my business into something that I love. If I have learned anything from my time with Jordan is that the best investment that one can make is to have a coach or mentor that will show you the way.

Since working with Jordan by Instagram has become beautiful, and my followers have grown to 1,000 in couple of months, having been stuck at 300 for a year. I have a brand, colors, mission, ideal client avatar, and I even have transformed my own personal style as a result of this branding course. I feel alive and purposeful and ready to rock my new business. 

Thank you Jordan for being so real and raw. You are a shining light and that is the most important thing about the work that you do - you are driven by your massive heart.
       – Emma P

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"Jordan is such a badass!" 

When I first started I was so lost. I had no direction in life, business or anything. So lost. I now have have a well defined brand. She is so knowledgeable and really knows her shit!

She is so organized and got me on track. Now I have a strong foundation for my business and beautiful Instagram!
      – Myla I

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"Jordan is a true samurai at what she does, she excavates the diamonds in your language from the rubble of total confusion!"

She went above and beyond in our 1:1 session to help me ground and organize my language so I can begin to speak directly to the hearts of my clients.

This is indeed the first step to creating great branding. It was such a relief to be heard and understood and have a connection with somebody who understands this process of building an authentic brand.

If you want someone to help you move beyond just posting pretty pictures and actually back them up with a direct concept that reflects the true essence of your work, I highly recommend you connect with Jordan ASAP!
       –Niki M

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"Jordan GAVE me the structure and I needed to build my Health Coaching brand."

By working with Jordan, I got a laser point focus on my brand and my ideal clients.

When it came to planning my brand photo shoot, Jordan thought of every detail, resulting in amazing pictures I am proud to use.

Jordan coaches clients to build an authentic brand focusing on the person behind the brand. Jordan is fun to work with; I looked forward to our sessions every week.

I felt she made the most of our time together. Make the powerful decision to invest in yourself and your brand. I am so glad I did.
       – Nancy H 



Working with Jordan helped me up-level my brand and bring my dream vision to life in such a short time. |

Her genuine caring and concern for her clients’ is beyond!

Besides coaching me to gain clarity on my brand vision, she helped me create the most amazing photoshoot. She understood my vision to a T and planned the shot list to ensure it was everything I wanted.  I'm in love with my images and now feel so high vibe that I had the confidence to raise my prices.

She helped me truly align with my brand vision and step into the woman I want to be. 
       – Jacqueline K


"This girl is truly using her gifts and it shines through it every aspect of her program." 

Working with Jordan has been the BEST decision I made all year.

She’s the perfect combination of cheerleader + coach and pushed me to do more in my business than I thought possible while keeping me accountable and providing encouragement the whole way.

Jordan gives 110% to her clients and the Ignite Your Brand Vision program is packed with so much valuable content to take your business to the next level.

I can't believe how much expertise she has put together in one place and packaged it together in a way that's digestible. I have more confidence in my business and where its going than ever before.

I finally feel like the world can see my business for what it truly is.  
      – Lindsay Y

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"JORDAN offers so much wisdom, value, support, and honest feedback, and really cares about her clients success."

Jordan is truly amazing at what she does.

She really helped me get out of my own way, get clarity around my brand vision, create a plan, and most importantly, take action.

Working with Jordan has been a real game changer and I continue to grow as a result.

I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you!!
       –Claire M


"WORKING WITH JORDAN opened ME up TO the next level that's ready for me to slide RIGHT into!" 

I was tired of putting in countless hours developing this biz baby of mine and still getting nowhere.

Jordan’s down-to-earth personality and "trust me, this will all come together" attitude in conjunction with her genuine interest in helping them launch and grow their dream business is the expertise I was missing.  
      – Kay R

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"If you're looking to kick-off your personal brand, Jordan is your resource for success!"

Are you confused about personal branding? Are you overwhelmed by your brand's fonts, colors, website, etc.?

I've been there, and I can tell you that Jordan has been a lifesaver!

She will teach, listen and activate your brand's development while getting you ready for launch.

I've been in marketing and branding for over 18 years, but when it came to "personal branding" for myself, it was harder than I thought.

Jordan was my personal Creative Director and guided me through the entire logo to website process. She was also an amazing mindset coach, reminding me to believe in myself - which is key.
       –Laura B

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"WORKING WITH JORDAN opened ME up TO the next level that's ready for me to slide RIGHT into!" 

Jordan helped me realize how easy this could be and how I can enjoy the process.

Having clear boundaries and structure in my business lets me focus on what I love and cuts out the noise. Jordan's coaching style is very advisory and laid back, a good balance of invested in my ideas without taking them over.

After just one month in the Ignite Your Brand Vision I made $1400 in ONE DAY!
      – Lauren M

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"Working with Jordan is like working with no other. The value you get working with her is priceless."

Working with Jordan is so amazing.

She's not your typical coach who makes it feel like a business meeting, she's down to earth and relatable.

I was so lost writing articles, blogs, social media content and was feeling very overwhelmed and she helped me brainstorm how to create copy content and broke it down in a way that was easily digestible. She has a gift to understand what you are wanting to accomplish and then getting that out onto paper.

She talks to you and not at you and this helps with the brainstorming process. I now have a strategy process that I will use for creating future topics for content writing. 
       – Renee D 

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"Jordan clarified my entire purpose and strategy IN ONE SINGLE CALL." 

I met Jordan on Instagram and loved the modern-spiritual balance she projected on her page.  When I checked out her website I came across her Brand quiz and decided to take it. I knew right then that this was the type of coaching I needed because these were the exact questions I needed to shake me up from feeling lost and stuck.

I manifested her into my life and immediately enrolled in her Ignite Your Brand Vision program.

I had previously worked with another brand coach for 3 months and never felt this type of understanding. Jordan definitely understands the right balance between spirituality and how to promote yourself in a way that speaks and translates itself in the modern digital era.
       – Gabriela E


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"I’ve gained confidence and clarity, not only for myself but my brand’s vision and mission." 

The best investment is the one you make for yourself, in yourself.

Without the help and guidance of Jordan, I feel I’d still be stuck spinning my wheels, knowing what I want but not sure how to get it. She helped create a system and structure to help take my clients and business to the next level.

She is very relatable and experienced in her field and I loved her forward approach and coaching style.
       – Rachel B



I now have clarity around what I stand for not only as a person, but as a brand. I love that Jordan enforced strict work on my mission and vision statements up front so I built a solid brand foundation.

I learned what it feels like to approach presentation as a professional, and I'll never go back!

The bonus is that I now have a huge stash of stellar photos that capture my essence, a website that reflects my mission, vision and purpose, and I get to put forth an aligned and authentic online presence.  
       – Sara B

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Jordan showed me how to break down all my ideas into simple, easy steps that makes creating my program feel effortless and in flow versus frustrated and unsure of where to start.

I'm now well on my way to creating a kick ass program for my dream client and having so much fun doing it! Thank you, thank you!”
       – Kristin M


"Jordan was the guiding light for igniting my soul brand."

With Jordan's structured, stellar support I was able to intuitively unearth my brand’s vision, mission & purpose.  Having custom brand photos has helped me show up confidently as my authentic self, which was the number one intention all along!

They truly capture my brand essence.  Our collaboration has truly given me the confidence & clear purposeful direction to be of sacred service as a self-love success coach.
       – Gaia T

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Working with Jordan was a total game changer for my business!

It brought all of my brand elements together and I learned exactly how I wanted my clients to feel when they interact with my brand, how to speak to my dream client + connect with her, and how to use language, colors, graphics and other elements to truly IGNITE my brand.

I feel so much more confident because I have a clear message and image.  Jordan gave me insightful and clear guidance.  If you’re looking to take your business + brand to the next level with the guidance of an expert, Jordan is your girl! 
       – Alicia M

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"I gained the confidence (and the encouragement from Jordan) to raise my rates after OUR first call. NOW I'm charging what I'm worth." 

Ignite Your Brand Vision gave me the knowledge, confidence and the resources I needed to learn how to build a brand and launch a business that is wired to succeed and aligned with my vision.

I've grown so much during this program and learned how to plan and execute which is something that I previously struggled with and has held me back from putting my ideas out to the world.

I am now going through the process of launching a business that I'm super passionate about and aligns with my purpose!
       – Victoria T


"I made more progress in several weeks working with Jordan than I had in months!" 

Jordan and the Ignite Your Brand Vision program are amazing! Jordan expertly guided me to get to the heart of my vision and to align all my brand elements together in a way that is truly reflective of who I am.

She is encouraging, knowledgeable and she made getting clear on what I want and where I want to go straightforward and fun.

If you feel stuck or don’t know where to start, this program will give you the clarity and confidence to move forward.
       – Bridget G

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I love Jordan. Her positivity is infectious and her knowledge and support creates true forward motion.  The way she provides examples and references shows she really knows her stuff.

I truly value her input and look forward to advancing even further in my business thanks to her help and support.  She's worth the investment. It's a small price to pay for her expertise and support.
       – Rochelle A

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"Jordan helped me dig deep and gave clarity on my core essence of my coaching practice." 

Jordan is SO AWESOME!!!

By helping me narrow down my target market, I could connect more intuitively with them. She has no inhibitions, so on the receiving end, she broke down barriers for me to grow and feel more confident.

When a coach can do that with her clients, it shows that her skills, talents, experience, intuition are effectively working for those who are fortunate to work with her.

For those who are sitting on the fence and wondering if you need a branding coach, jump off it and take the leap with Jordan!!  She will exceed your expectations!!
– Shanyn K