Exclusive VIP Experience
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you want to be seen more powerfully than ever and need scroll stopping visuals that match your message and tell your brand story.

  • You’ve grown a wildly successful business and it’s time to position yourself as a leader with a big, marketable and influential brand.

  • You’re ready to amplify your influence with scroll stopping visuals so you can effect massive change.

  • You invested all that time, money and energy in your photoshoot only to be disappointed with the results because you didn’t understand all that goes into a successful photoshoot.

  • All you want is to invest in a seasoned expert who can take your vision and run with it – and treat your business like her baby

Imagine if everything (from wardrobe, props, photographer, hair and makeup, video, location, and creative direction) was taken care of for you – then you could just show up that day, be present and fully you and not have the stress of the details weighing you down.

 the biggest mistake you can make is to resist investing in your branding.

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"JORDAN IS THE Chanel of the branding world."

My motto is to be the best you must hire the best. This practice is what helped me become a multi-millionaire. I’m well aware you can only go so far on your own.

So when I set out to launch my second company, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, I knew I had to hire the best even though this was a start-up company solely funded by me, myself and I. Since I’ve done this business building thing before, I’ve learned a thing or two from making a crap ton of mistakes. One of which, is I always regret it when I base my decisions on cost versus quality.

To have the best, you have to pay a premium. You can’t buy a Coach bag and turn it into a Chanel. Although Coach is a good quality bag, it will never be a Chanel. Do you want your brand to be good, superior, or the best of the best?

I searched for and hired the Chanel of the branding world, Jordan Duvall, to help match my vision of ProjectME into a visual symphony.
       – Tiffany Carter 


The more experts you surround yourself with, the more elevated your brand becomes.


WE are here to take your stress away and help you blow up your brand to blow up your business with the exclusive vip brand and styling experience.

When you work with me and my team:

You don’t have to think about anything
You look professional and polished
You know you have a team you can trust
Your shoot is fully art directed and styled top to bottom
You don’t waste energy overanalyzing
You can relax knowing every detail has been taken care of.

It takes an exorbitant amount of energy to be present and me and my team allow you that space.  We have tons of fun and that carries over into the content we're creating.

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Instantly, people noticed how much more professional, fun, and inviting my brand has become since getting the Exclusive VIP Brand & Styling Experience with Jordan and her team. I've worked with branding experts in the past, and ended up doing way more work that expected because they just couldn't understand my vision.  I was constantly putting out fires instead of enjoying the process.

Jordan was able to take everything out of my head and turn it into a year's worth of photos in just 2 days. My sales have increased, traffic on my website and social media have MASSIVELY increased (think 8k followers in 8 weeks!), and my revenue has increased by over $35k per month all because of my new up-leveled image.

Working with Jordan, you get a PROFESSIONAL who has your back all the way. She knows what she's doing and will not let you and your baby (your business!) down. If you're an entrepreneur on the fence of working with Jordan, take the freaking leap! YOU DESERVE IT and your business depends on you showing up fully by investing in it. I'm so happy I invested in Jordan's VIP package, and now I won't go ANYWHERE else. This is the real deal. 

       -Kathrin Zenkina - Author, Speaker & Mindset Coach


Exclusive Brand & Styling Experience

For the multiple 6+ figure entrepreneur who wants to be seen more powerfully than ever and need scroll stopping visuals that match your message and tell your brand story.

The details below are based on 8-hour shoot day in Los Angeles.
Travel expenses are additional if the shoot takes place outside of Los Angeles.
Wardrobe expenses not included.


  • 2 x 60-minute brand coaching sessions with Jordan (over Zoom).

  • 1 x 30-minute pre-production call with Jordan, yourself, and the photographer.

  • Custom shoot deck outlining the plan, poses, hair and makeup, and shoot flow.

  • Location sourced by myself and my team to ensure you're comfortable and in a beautiful, high-vibe, and on brand setting. Location fee included.

  • Jordan onset to Creative Direct and Produce your shoot to ensure your big day runs smoothly, you get amazing results, and have no worries.


  • A minimum of 20 retouched images per look.

  • In a 1-day Photo only we will cover 6-7 looks

  • In a 1-day Photo + Video shoot we will shoot 4 looks + have 1 video look

  • Hi-Res & Lo-res images delivered via Dropbox within 2 weeks of the shoot.

  • Photoshoot location for 8 hrs


  • Video Script

  • Full video team on site

  • About Video

  • :30 Social Videos


  • Prop Stylist on set to style every scene.

  • Prop buy and returns done for you.


  • Video chat to develop signature style

  • Brand Wardrobe Checklist

  • Custom Mood Board

  • Shoppable Signature Style Catalog (between 10-20 full looks)

  • Virtual Styling Session

  • Lookbook

  • 1-month Style Concierge.

  • Wardrobe expenses not included.


  • Hair and Makeup artist for up to 8 hours on location.


  • Yummy lunch, snacks, and water to keep everyone energized on your big shoot day.


AT THE END OF OUR WORK, YOU’LL HAVE scroll stopping visuals that tell your brand story, markets your products and services, and be SEEN MORE POWERFULLY THAN EVER before.