Jordan Duvall

Exclusive VIP Brand + Styling Experience

For the online entrepreneur who’s ready to have a professional photoshoot that seriously up-levels her brand.

Maybe you’re ready for a rebrand or you just want to go big with your next launch.  

You know what you want your brand to look and feel like but you’re not sure how to translate that visually, let alone be wildly obsessed with the results.

We both know that custom brand photos will not only quantum leap your business and brand, but skyrocket your confidence so you show up in an even bigger way!

But you’re totally overwhelmed by the thought of planning your own brand photo shoot:

Finding the right photographer
Choosing a location you’re wild about
Picking outfits that make you look your best
Planning out the shoot so it goes smoothly
Ensuring you get what you’re looking for

Imagine everything (from wardrobe, props, photographer, hair and makeup, shoot plan) was taken care of for you – then you could just show up that day, be present and fully you and not have the stress of the details weighing you down.

Girl, we got you.


 Hi, we’re Jordan and Kate and together we’re your powerhouse photoshoot dream team.

We’re here to take your stress away and help you up-level your brand with our Exclusive VIP Brand + Styling Experience.

Jordan has worked as a fashion photographer and entertainment advertising art director and has organizational ninja skills.  She taps into your intuition and makes your vision a reality.  

Kate has worked in the fashion industry as VP of Sales & Marketing, as a fashion designer and professional makeup artist and is now a personal stylist and image consultant specifically for entrepreneurs.

We know that confidence can give you a competitive advantage in your business and brand and create an emotional connection with your audience.

Wash your worries away.  We’re here to support you and take you from where you are now to the place you want to be… even if you don’t know how to get there.



"Working with Jordan helped me up-level my brand and bring my dream vision to life in such a short time."

Working with Jordan helped me up-level my brand and bring my dream vision to life in such a short time. Her genuine caring and concern for her clients’ is beyond! Besides coaching me to gain clarity on my brand vision, she helped me create the most amazing photoshoot. She understood my vision to a T and planned the shot list to ensure it was everything I wanted.  I'm in love with my images and now feel so high vibe that I had the confidence to raise my prices.  She helped me truly align with my brand vision and step into the woman I want to be. 
       – Jacqueline K



Client Showcase

A collection of favorites from our client's Brand & Styling Makeovers photoshoots.



Exclusive VIP Brand & Styling Experience


For the online entrepreneur who’s ready to have a professional photoshoot that seriously up-levels her brand.

What we'll cover

  • Jordan will help you get clarity around your big vision and how to translate it visually
  • Kate will help determine what your "style" is for the photoshoot and what colors will work the best.

  • Jordan will put together a custom photoshoot deck and help you select the right location, photographer, and hair and makeup artist.
  • Kate will go through your wardrobe for the shoot with you, to figure out what can be used and what needs to be tailored or accessorized.
  • Jordan, yourself and the chosen photographer will have a pre-production call to set expectations on deliverables and convey your brand vision.
  • Kate will go shopping with you to complete the looks for the photoshoot (Up to 2 times - over Zoom or in person depending on location!)

  • Jordan will plan our your shot list to make sure everything is on brand and runs smoothly on the big day
  • Kate will put everything together and make sure you are prepped and ready to go for your photoshoot from head to toe.

On average, clients complete the styling process with 7-8 new looks for their photoshoot.






What’s Included:

3 x 60 minute brand coaching sessions with Jordan (over Zoom)

1 x 30-minute pre-production call with Jordan, yourself, and your photographer

  • 3 x 60 minute styling sessions with Kate (over Zoom)

    – 2 "shopping trips” for missing items

– Support selecting the right photographer, wardrobe, hair and makeup artist, props, and location

Custom shoot deck outlining the plan to ensure your big day runs smoothly and you get amazing results



$4000 USD
Paid in Full



"Jordan was the guiding light for igniting my soul brand."

Jordan was the guiding light for igniting my soul brand.  With the structured, stellar support I was able to intuitively unearth my brand’s vision, mission & purpose.  Having custom brand photos has helped me show up confidently as my authentic self, which was the number one intention all along!  I always feel so happy sharing them because they truly capture my brand essence.  Our collaboration has truly given me the confidence & clear purposeful direction to be of sacred service as a self-love success coach.
       – Gaia T