Energetic Brand Academy

DO YOU WISH YOU KNEW HOW TO Finally define YOUR message INTO SOMETHING your dream clients WANT?

The 12-week Program for Business, Life, Spiritual, and Health + Wellness Coaches Ready to Build Their 6-figure Brand, Be Fully Booked with Dream Clients, and Become an Instagram Influencer!





What does Energetic Brand Academy mean to you?


For everyone it's different...

Maybe you’re a coach and not clear on what makes you unique and how to connect with your dream clients.

Perhaps you're posting on Instagram just expecting to have people rush you to work with you.

And… you're stuck, and not sure why.

I know what you really need is that one big push, that will help you have more impact on the world!

Before I share with you MY GOAL for the Energetic Brand Academy for YOU...

Let me ask you a question...


  • I need help getting my message out there and connecting with my tribe so I can do the work I am here to do…

  • I’ve got the foundational pieces for my brand, but I don’t know how to put them together, let alone convey my message visually or verbally in a way that’s authentic to me.

  • I need help being consistent with my social media and creating a drool-worthy Instagram that truly represents my brand and turns prospects into paying clients.

  • I need help being visible and sharing my message!  I’m getting in my own way.

  • How to do I use social media to build my funnel so I can create a sustainable and scalable business?

If you hear the word consistency one more time you might punch someone in the face! More than anything you want to create a CONSISTENT, authentic, AND PROFITABLE BRAND but you’re stuck.

I’ve totally been there. I started businesses in the past and skipped over all the inner and strategic work.

And you know what happened? Lots of frustration, overwhelm and feeling like a failure. I was cranky and irritable most days because I was busy doing all the things and seeing no results.

After looking around at why some people seemed to have success with ease and others seemed to struggle I was able to crack the code by applying my 20 years of expertise in advertising, branding and social media along with my obsession with mindset to create a step-by-step framework to build a 6-figure brand that’s aligned with my gifts and gives me the freedom to spend my time where I want, with whom I want, and doing what I want… and most importantly have the flexibility to be with my young daughter.

My second year in business I 6x’ed my income, had a waitlist filled with dream clients and skyrocketed my Instagram to over 20k engaged followers.

I know you want the same thing and that’s why I’m inviting you to join The Energetic Brand Academy and change your life and business forever!


Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve got a brand that perfectly reflects your business:

You’ll finally have a brand that’s aligned from the inside out with consistent visuals and content that builds trust by creating an emotional connection with your audience.

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Client Testimonial Shots (2).png

"Jordan is a true samurai at what she does, she excavates the diamonds in your language from the rubble of total confusion!"

She went above and beyond to help me ground and organize my language so I can begin to speak directly to the hearts of my clients.

This is indeed the first step to creating great branding. It was such a relief to be heard and understood and have a connection with somebody who understands this process of building an authentic brand.

If you want someone to help you move beyond just posting pretty pictures and actually back them up with a direct concept that reflects the true essence of your work, I highly recommend you connect with Jordan ASAP!

       –Niki Manavi - Soul Evolution Mentor and the Creator or Higher-Self Development


So, Here Is How The Program Works…

Over the duration of 12 weeks, inside the Academy we’ll show you how to:

  • Finally have a brand that’s aligned from the inside out with consistent visuals and content that builds trust by creating an emotional connection with your audience.

  • Open the door to bigger opportunities so you can create a legacy and create the impact that drives you everyday.

  • Magnetize your message so that you can easily connect with dream clients and have them coming to YOU.

  • Reinforce your value so you can command a premium price.

  • Remove objections and make selling easy so you never feel like a yucky sales person again.

  • Build trust and credibility with your tribe so they are inspired to action.

In other words, exchange for the one-time investment, what you get is:

  • 12 Weeks of access to your own personal Award-Winning Creative Director, Brand Coach + Marketing Strategist ($45,000 value)

  • 12 Weekly 90-min Live Q&A Calls with Hot-seat coaching ($6000 value)

  • 2 45-minute Business Alignment Sessions ($1000 value)

  • Powerful workbooks with actionable steps to launch you into forward motion ($1500 value)

  • Access to my swipe files scripts and video templates ($1000 value)

  • Slack access to Jordan and the other group members Monday-Friday ($500 value)

  • Lifetime access to the membership platform.  You’ll never have to pay for an upgrade (priceless)


Hint: the investment isn't anywhere near this.


If you’re ready to take your business and life to the next level, then you have 120 days, starting May 16th.



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What we'll cover



  • Get crystal clear on your vision so you can get your tribe to rally behind your mission

  • Release the limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back from truly being visible as a leader

  • Learn how to recognize and clear your self-sabotaging habits keeping you stuck and frustrated

  • Build a rock-solid CEO mindset and totally rock your 90-day and 1-year action plans.

  • Learn how to harness your true potential and laser focus so you get optimal results without overwhelm and anxiety



PILLar 2: Brand Blueprint

  • Get crystal clear on your dream client so you can successfully target your marketing and help her believe what’s possible (so she’s stoked to by from you!)

  • Define what makes you unique, how to stand out online and get your dream clients finally reaching out, taking action, and getting transformational results.

  • Unleash confidence in your expertise so you can command a premium price.

  • Learn how to express your brand vision so your tribe gets behind your mission.

  • Position yourself as a high-end brand so no one ever questions your price again.

  • Understand how to communicate your value that has your audience falling in love with your brand.



  • Learn how to position yourself as a leader and deeply connect with your audience so you can be a catalyst for transformational change.

  • Build a core message that increases your credibility and generates trust.

  • Understand HOW to write a good post, the different kinds of content to be creating, and create a content schedule that has your audience completely hooked that makes selling easy.

  • Get my signature step-by-step process to create a custom social media asset library that makes marketing and content easy and fun!

  • Define your high-end style that magnetically markets to your target audience.

  • Build a following of targeted leads who are super inspired by your message and always wanting to hear more.

  • Learn the secrets behind curating a beautiful feed that your tribe is obsessed with

  • Make an instant connection with your dream clients so they feel like you’re inside their head and helps them overcome the fear of change

  • Harness the power of Instagram LIVE and IG TV to turn prospects into paying clients


(Should You Choose To Accept it…)

Your Challenge Is To Take Action and Complete The Tasks Given To You, for the next 120 Days 

Yes, there will be some prep-work involved…

Yes, there will be homework…

And every day, you’ll be taking steps toward building your dream business!  

Our only question for you is…

“Do YOU Have What It Takes?” 

By the time the challenge is over, you will have a business that seems like a dream, launch it to the world, generate leads, and turn those leads into customers who buy from you again and again…LIVE!

Why Energetic Brand Academy Is Different from anything you have done before!


Energetic Brand Academy is NOT just some “course” that you’ll never use… 

It combines the right marketing and business STRATEGY…

With the FRAMEWORK you need to EXECUTE your goals… 

And a “no-excuses” ACCOUNTABILITY coach who won’t let you off the hook… 

It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem...

(or, not executing the right way).


Time Is Of The Essence...



Is There A Guarantee? 

Of course... :)  

I guarantee that if you participate in the program, show up to the live calls (or listen to the recordings), and implement what you learn, by the time the program is done, you’ll have a completely reformed business and consistent brand with a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of Goal Mastery, Branding and Instagram marketing.  

But if you're like most of my clients, this experience will change your business (and possibly even, change your life!)


Next Steps…

From here it's just finalizing the details.

Then we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the program!!


Hear from past clients

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"JORDAN IS THE Chanel of the branding world."

My motto is to be the best you must hire the best. This practice is what helped me become a multi-millionaire. I’m well aware you can only go so far on your own.

So when I set out to launch my second company, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, I knew I had to hire the best even though this was a start-up company solely funded by me, myself and I. Since I’ve done this business building thing before, I’ve learned a thing or two from making a crap ton of mistakes. One of which is I always regret it when I base my decisions on cost versus quality.

To have the best, you have to pay a premium. You can’t buy a Coach bag and turn it into a Chanel. Although Coach is a good quality bag, it will never be a Chanel. Do you want your brand to be good, superior, or the best of the best?

I searched for and hired the Chanel of the branding world, Jordan Duvall, to help match my vision of ProjectME into a visual symphony.
       – Tiffany Carter 

IYBV Guest Speakers (7).png

"WORKING WITH JORDAN opened ME up TO the next level that's ready for me to slide RIGHT into!" 

Jordan helped me realize how easy this could be and how I can enjoy the process.

Having clear boundaries and structure in my business lets me focus on what I love and cuts out the noise. Jordan's coaching style is very advisory and laid back, a good balance of invested in my ideas without taking them over.

After just one month Jordan’s program I made $1400 in ONE DAY!

      – Lauren MacLean - Intuitive Interior Design Consultant

Client Testimonial Shots (4).png

"To say that Jordan has changed my business, and my life, is an understatement.”

I was frozen in inaction with my business and I had no idea how to move forward to transform my business into something that I love. If I have learned anything from my time with Jordan is that the best investment that one can make is to have a coach or mentor that will show you the way.

I have a brand, colors, mission, ideal client avatar, and I even have transformed my own personal style as a result of this branding course. I feel alive and purposeful and ready to rock my new business. 

Thank you Jordan for being so real and raw. You are a shining light and that is the most important thing about the work that you do - you are driven by your massive heart.

       – Emma Perry - Holistic Accountant and Intuitive Business Coach