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"JORDAN IS THE Chanel of the branding world."

My motto is to be the best you must hire the best. This practice is what helped me become a multi-millionaire. I’m well aware you can only go so far on your own.

So when I set out to launch my second company, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, I knew I had to hire the best even though this was a start-up company solely funded by me, myself and I. Since I’ve done this business building thing before, I’ve learned a thing or two from making a crap ton of mistakes. One of which, is I always regret it when I base my decisions on cost versus quality.

To have the best, you have to pay a premium. You can’t buy a Coach bag and turn it into a Chanel. Although Coach is a good quality bag, it will never be a Chanel. Do you want your brand to be good, superior, or the best of the best?

I searched for and hired the Chanel of the branding world, Jordan Duvall, to help match my vision of ProjectME into a visual symphony.
       – Tiffany Carter 



  • I’m an Award-Winning Art director with over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising.  I’ve worked with celebrities, on million dollar movie franchises, and with popular brands.

  • I’m professionally trained in photography, lighting, hair and makeup, graphic design, art direction, and photoshop.

  • I’m certified as a Master NLP Practitioner and TIME Techniques, Hypnosis, Success Coaching, and EFT and known for blending the spiritual and practical so you can take both intelligent and inspired action and get RESULTS.

  • I specialize in helping impact-driven leaders build a 6-figure brand, be fully booked, and become an Instagram Influencer.


The results last a lifetime.

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"To say that Jordan has changed my business, and my life, is an understatement.”

I was frozen in inaction with my business and I had no idea how to move forward to transform my business into something that I love. If I have learned anything from my time with Jordan is that the best investment that one can make is to have a coach or mentor that will show you the way.

Since working with Jordan by Instagram has become beautiful, and my followers have grown to 1,000 in couple of months, having been stuck at 300 for a year. I have a brand, colors, mission, ideal client avatar, and I even have transformed my own personal style as a result of this branding course. I feel alive and purposeful and ready to rock my new business. 

Thank you Jordan for being so real and raw. You are a shining light and that is the most important thing about the work that you do - you are driven by your massive heart.
       – Emma P

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"Working with Jordan is like working with no other. The value you get working with her is priceless."

Working with Jordan is so amazing.

She's not your typical coach who makes it feel like a business meeting, she's down to earth and relatable.

I was so lost writing articles, blogs, social media content and was feeling very overwhelmed and she helped me brainstorm how to create copy content and broke it down in a way that was easily digestible. She has a gift to understand what you are wanting to accomplish and then getting that out onto paper.

She talks to you and not at you and this helps with the brainstorming process. I now have a strategy process that I will use for creating future topics for content writing. 
       – Renee D 

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International Board of Coaches Certification:
Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Success Coaching, and EFT.

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