• No longer feeling like a hot mess all the time

  • Knowing what you need to focus on each day to move your business forward

  • Being in control of your calendar

  • Having a super easy system that’s streamlined your entire life


“Yeah right, I’m overwhelmed AF and my to-do list is sucking the life out of me.”

The reality is you’re stuck in the same pattern of overwhelm and feel like a hot mess all the time. You’re beginning to question your sanity because you’re constantly forgetting things.

Because you’re so scatterbrained you’re underperforming with your family and in your business (or career).

You end each day so exhausted trying to carry all these tasks around in your head all day. And you snap at your family because you’re under so much pressure all the time.

You’re smart and ambitious.  

Shouldn’t you be able to manage your life?

You’ve tried planners, lists, and calendars and nothing is working.  

The thought of going another day having your soul crushed by overwhelm has you wanting to crawl into a hole and never come out.

Sound familiar?


I get it.  I’ve been there.

I felt like my life was being run by lists.

  • Post-it notes in my car.

  • Notebooks filled with scribbles in it.

  • Emails with tasks.

  • Notes on my phone.

Every morning I would sit down to figure out what I needed to do that day and it would seriously take me 20 min or more just to go through all these places.

By then I was anxious because the day was well on its way.

And inevitably I would realize that I had forgotten to do something, double booked, or planned badly because I hadn’t considered my day ahead of time.

So then I started doing this at night.  Thinking that would help.

When you realize at 9 pm that you need to reschedule a doctor’s appointment, it’s too late.  You’ll get docked the fee.


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"To say that Jordan has changed my business, and my life, is an understatement.”

       Emma Perry, Holistic Accountant


I couldn’t keep it all together.  The pieces felt like they were flying out of my head…

…Family commitments, Personal stuff, Business things, Work responsibilities.

They were all a jumble in my head and I felt under massive pressure all the time because I couldn’t figure out where to put my focus.

I studied Darren Hardy, Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy, Chalene Johnson… and more.

What were they doing that had allowed them to create multi-million dollar empires?  When I could barely make a few hundred dollars a week in my network marketing business.

I slowly began to piece together all the systems that worked for me.

And I made it part of my daily and weekly routine.

You know what happened?

  • I no longer felt overwhelmed all the time.

  • I woke up each day knowing what I needed to focus on.

  • I was able to blast through my to do list.

  • I felt the day feeling accomplished instead of like a failure with 10 other things I hadn't done yet.

As a result I felt more confident.

And my business grew.

In fact, I built a 6-figure business while working full time by using this simple system.

I know you’re tired of being exhausted from being pulled in so many directions.


Are you ready be the one running your life instead of feeling like it’s running you?


 My simple system focuses on 3 key pillars: Focus, Priorities, and Time Management.


Learn how to harness the power of your focus so you’re the one in charge.


Learn how create balance in your life and nurture what’s important to you.


Learn how to manage your time so that you are able to have a plan and live with purpose.


What we’ll cover

  • What your priorities are and how to nurture all the important areas of your life

  • How to plan your day so that you move your life and business forward without the overwhelm

  • How to easily keep track of your to-do list that puts you in the driver’s seat

  • A simple system for planning your week to ensure you have time to devote to what’s important to you

  • How to find time that you didn’t even know you had

  • How to get more done in less time

Own Your Day Self Study Includes:

  • A membership site with all your training videos

  • Templates and workbooks to put your simple system into play

  • A system you can implement in under 2 hours that will revolutionize your life





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"Jordan is such a badass!" She is so organized and got me on track.

– Myla Ivers, yoga teacher + healer

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"Jordan GAVE me the structure and I got a laser point focus.”

– Nancy Howze, Health Coach