Working with Jordan helped me up-level my brand and bring my dream vision to life in such a short time. Her genuine caring and concern for her clients’ is beyond! Besides coaching me to gain clarity on my brand vision, she helped me create the most amazing photoshoot. She understood my vision to a T and planned the shot list to ensure it was everything I wanted.  I'm in love with my images and now feel so high vibe that I had the confidence to raise my prices.  She helped me truly align with my brand vision and step into the woman I want to be. 
       – Jacqueline K


Sara Blanchard.png

"Working with Jordan totally upped my game."

I now have clarity around what I stand for not only as a person, but as a brand.  I love that Jordan enforced strict work on my mission and vision statements up front so I built a solid brand foundation.  She was great at asking questions that got me to the words that felt like magic. The hand-holding through the photoshoot experience was incredible. From start to finish - from creating a mood board, coming up with my brand words & colors, to finding the right photographer and location (even from afar!), and helping me find the right outfits that made me SHINE like a queen.  I learned what it feels like to approach presentation as a professional, and I'll never go back! The bonus is that I now have a huge stash of stellar photos that capture my essence, a website that reflects my mission, vision and purpose, and I get to put forth an aligned and authentic online presence.  I’m so excited to create with my true voice shining through. Working with Jordan totally upped my game.
       – Sara B

IYBV Guest Speakers.png

"I gained the confidence to raise my rateS."

Ignite Your Brand Vision gave me the knowledge, confidence and the resources I needed to learn how to build a brand and launch a business that's wired to succeed and aligned with my vision.  I've grown so much during this program. My biggest takeaway was how to plan and execute which is something that I previously struggled with and held me back from putting my ideas out to the world. To anyone who is sitting on the fence scared to jump into the program but knows they need it, this program is INVALUABLE.  I was on the fence myself before starting the program but I decided to take the leap, and I'd do it again. Investing in this program changed my mindset about my worth and freed me to start investing in myself and I'm seeing the investment pay off in my business now!
       – Victoria T


"Words cannot express how grateful I am for getting to the next level in my business."


As a Healer and someone who’s language is energy, it's hard for me to put into words what I do and the essence of my brand.  Jordan immediately connected to who I am and who I want to serve.  She's very intuitive and was able to visually capture the emotions of my brand. Now, I have a greater understanding of what type of brand I want and how to attract my ideal clients through imagery and emotions.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for her help getting me get to that next level in my business.
       – Jaime P




Jordan and the Ignite Your Brand Vision program are amazing! Branding is so much more than a logo and colors.  Jordan expertly guided me to get to the heart of my vision and to align all my brand elements together in a way that is truly reflective of who I am. She made getting clear on what I want and where I want to go straightforward and fun. I made more progress two months working with Jordan than I had in months! If you feel stuck or don’t know where to start, this program will give you the clarity and confidence to move forward.
       – Bridget G



"I highly recommend Jordan for brand coaching!"


I highly recommend Jordan for brand coaching!  Her insights on how to visually translate my brand's key emotions are invaluable.  Jordan has an innate ability to cut through brand clutter and develop solid strategies to connect with a brand's target.   After Jordan's workshop, I felt crystal clear on my visual brand strategy and am so excited to incorporate her suggestions.
       – Meg T



"Jordan's will take your brand to the next level."


I was lucky enough to meet Jordan at a mastermind event where she presented on branding and messaging. She is real, confident and incredibly smart.  Her passion comes effortlessly and she has an answer and insight to everything. I learned to take into consideration what I want my prospective clients to really feel, when they interact with my brand. I feel a lot more confident on what I'm putting out there. Jordan will take your brand to the next level.
       – Chelsea Gross



"I feel so much more confident because I have a clear message and image."


Working with Jordan was a total game changer for my business! It brought all of my brand elements together and I learned exactly how I wanted my clients to feel when they interact with my brand, how to speak to my dream client + connect with her, and how to use language, colors, graphics and other elements to truly IGNITE my brand.  I feel so much more confident because I have a clear message and image.  Jordan gave me insightful and clear guidance.  If you’re looking to take your business + brand to the next level with the guidance of an expert, Jordan is your girl! 
       – Alicia M



"She's worth the investment. It's a small price to pay for her expertise and support." 


I love Jordan. Her positivity is infectious and her knowledge and support creates true forward motion. The way she provides examples and references shows she really knows her stuff.  I truly value her input and look forward to advancing even further in my business thanks to her help and support.  She's worth the investment. It's a small price to pay for her expertise and support.
       – Rochelle A



"I don't just have a business now, I have a solid BRAND."


Working with Jordan has been such a blessing. In these past 3 months, I've learned so much more than I expected to when I first signed up for this program. Each session has been filled with illuminating insights and top support. I don't just have a business now, I have a solid BRAND. I know exactly what I am doing, who I am serving, and how I can be of service.
       – Gaia T



"Jordan had the expertise I was missing."


I chose to work with Jordan because I was tired of putting in countless hours of time developing this biz baby of mine and still getting nowhere. Her down to earth personality, expertise that "trust me, this will all come together" and "this is how we do it to get there" ignited my own desire to get serious about my biz. Jordan had the expertise I was missing.  
       – Kay R



"I HAVE THE CONFIDENCE to bring my brand vision to life! "


One of the biggest challenges I’ve had over the years with branding my business is that I did not know how to take what I was seeing in my head and bring it into reality. After learning from Jordan, I now feel confident to bring my brand vision to life! 
       – Stephanie L



"WORKING WITH JORDAN iS definitely worth the time, effort, and money that you invest."


Working with Jordan helped a lot because I had all these Ideas but wasn’t quite sure where to start.  She gave me a roadmap so I could knock out one thing at a time. I had the grand opening for my wellness center in July and she actually flew out for it. That was a really big deal! What coaches do you know that do that? Especially because she lives in California and I live in Oklahoma. Working with Jordan is definitely worth the time, effort, and money that you invest.
       – Ashton B