Jordan’s private mentorship is an exclusive, highly limited opportunity. She only takes 3 clients at a time so spots are often filled.

This is perfect for someone desiring:

Access to Jordan’s input whenever you need it so you feel confident moving forward faster, clear on what’s holding you back, always know your next step and able to work out overthinking and confusion faster than ever

✨ Unique, tailored to your business ideas from someone who knows YOU and knows what it takes to get to the next level

✨ A sacred space to explore and identify the root cause of your struggles and build self awareness around your patterns creating your reality so you can shift your results for good

✨All the strategic direction you need to go to five figure & multiple five figure consistent months

✨ Uncovering not the right way to run a multiple 6-figure business, but your own unique way that will be fulfilling, enjoyable and sustainable long term

To defy the odds and get big, life changing results - Taylor’s previous private clients have done things like sign their first $18k+ clients, create $10-30k in reoccurring, passive income and create upwards of $60k cash months during their time with Taylor

The deets?

4 months of support, 3 private phone sessions per month (12 total), unlimited text and voice support between sessions and access to all of her courses.

The investment - $20k in full or 4 monthly payments of $5500 per month.

To apply for Jordan’s mentorship, simply send her a private message on Facebook that answers the follow questions:

  1. What do you do?

  2. Where are you currently at in your business? (Current income, results, etc)

  3. Where do you want to be and what do you think is keeping you from that?

  4. Why do you want to work with Jordan?

  5. What questions do you have?

  6. Are you ready to enroll now? (This means you 100% want to be her client, you have the money ready to go and you would be stoked to get a call as early as this week)

After Jordan reviews your message, she will be in touch to chat back and forth via messenger, make sure it’s a great fit and (if so) from there get you enrolled asap.