Ignite Your Soul Brand

Imagine being CRYSTAL CLEAR on your vision and having a soulful, high-end brand that sells itself.  

That’s the dream right?

Your business is thriving with a steady flow of dream clients who are magnetically attracted
to your stunning brand that stands out from the crowd.

Everyday your engaged following grows, filled with people who love your content
and look forward to the value that you share.  

You're taken seriously!

Everything's aligned.

You're beaming with confidence and pride.

It’s magical.





You’re sending mixed message, confusing your audience and losing your mind trying to build your dream brand. You have people to serve and so much to share with the world but your current brand isn’t resonating.

Let’s face it, your brand needs an upgrade if you want to be taken seriously.

Believe me, I get it!

I used to think I needed to help everyone. But it turns out I was really helping no one.

All I wanted was a vehicle to share my gifts and feel a greater sense of purpose. But I was stuck in hustle mode, totally overwhelmed + stressed out, and worst of all... sending mixed messages to my audience.

You see, I didn’t understand how important it was to be SUPER clear on my dream client and know my brand mission + values.

I skipped out on the necessary foundation work.

Yeah sure, my brand identity was beautiful.  But it wasn’t rooted in anything solid so I spent my time running around in circles plagued with self doubt.  I stressed out over how much to charge and didn’t show up confidently.

I was bringing in clients… but not the ones I desired to work with, and it was draining the life out of me.

I knew there had to be a better way.


Every Brand starts with a vision
and is born from a burning desire.


It was time.
No more messing around.
No more TALKING about it.

I needed to take MASSIVE ACTION.

So I invested in a business coach to accelerate my growth.  

This time I did the work, dove into mindset, re-evaluated my mission... and created a business that aligns with my gifts.

Together my coach helped me tap into what I LOVE and my innate gifts and we dialed in my dream client and how I can truly serve her.

Once I got SUPER CLEAR on what my heart and soul wanted everything took off.

And I want this for you too...

because I know what it’s like to give up on your dream.

And I know what it’s like to re-ignite your belief and bring it back to life.

I believe that building your biz + brand is an extension of you and should align with your soul mission.

As a Brand Strategy Coach I can intuit your vision and manifest it to form.

My meticulous organization has birthed simple systems to get shit done in less time.

The hours upon hours of devouring personal growth books, audios, youtube videos, courses and seminars have changed my belief system.


and my mission was born:

I elevate brands to expand their influence.

To help my clients CREATE

    • Client-booking-drool-worthy Instagram feed
• High-converting sales funnel
• Facebook and/or Instagram ad strategy
    • Website copy that speaks to their dream client
    • Brand that is aligned from the inside out
• Efficient systems and strategies that save them time


Are you ready to elevate your brand and expand your influence?



Imagine your brand in a few months.

You now:

    • Effortlessly connect with your dream client
    • Stand out from the crowd
    • Are in the flow
    • Book consistent clients
    • Do the work you love
    • Have ditched the overwhelm



Ignite Your Soul Brand


For the Coach, Creative or Healer with an existing online biz who's ready to
align her Mission, Message, and Visual Architecture

so she can elevate her brand and expand her influence.

What we'll cover

  • Get crystal clear on your dream client and what makes them tick
  • Learn who your business serves + what problem you solve
  • Do market research to dig deeper into your dream client
  • Streamline your offer
  • Audit your current branding + social media
  • Up-level your logo, fonts, colors, graphics, images, brand photos
  • Get super clear on your Brand Voice, including writing your website copy
  • Stand out from the crowd by implementing high-end branding tools + simple systems
  • Create a drool worthy Instagram feed
  • Make a Brand Vision Brief + Create a mood board
  • Put together a strategic shot list for your website, social media and collateral needs
  • I'll help you find the right photographer + makeup artist for your shoot + plan it all out!
  • Become a BOSS at Time Management
  • Implement simple systems for curating your own content
  • Learn HOW to be consistent without getting overwhelmed
  • Create your Branding Blueprint to ensure your messaging is consistent across all social platforms


At the end of our WORK, you’ll walk away with complete clarity about your brand and feel confident that YOU'RE aligned with your soul brand vision

Your 3 or 6-month program will be fully-customized to your unique needs
and current stage in life + business, focusing on the areas above that you need most.


3 Months

What’s included:

– 10 x 50 minute private coaching sessions over 3 months (over Zoom)

Access to all of my tracking documents and swipe files to keep your business running smoothly

– My guidance + email support for 3 months

– Access to my skills as a Brand Strategy CoachArt Director + Photographer

6 Months

What’s included:

– 18 x 50 minute private coaching sessions over 6 months (over Zoom)

Access to all of my tracking documents and swipe files to keep your business running smoothly

– My guidance + email support for 6 months

– Access to my skills as a Brand Strategy CoachArt Director + Photographer



$3000 USD

Paid in Full (save $525)


3 payments of $1175

(payment plan available upon consultation)


$5000 USD

Paid in Full (save $750)


$2500 + 5 payments of $650

(payment plan available upon consultation)



Working with Jordan was a total game changer for my business! It brought all of my brand elements together and I learned exactly how I wanted my clients to feel when they interact with my brand, how to speak to my dream client + connect with her, and how to use language, colors, graphics and other elements to truly IGNITE my brand.  I feel so much more confident because I have a clear message and image.  Jordan gave me insightful and clear guidance.  If you’re looking to take your business + brand to the next level with the guidance of an expert, Jordan is your girl! 
       – Alicia M



I love Jordan. Her positivity is infectious and her knowledge and support creates true forward motion. The way she provides examples and references shows she really knows her stuff.  I truly value her input and look forward to advancing even further in my business thanks to her help and support.  She's worth the investment. It's a small price to pay for her expertise and support.
       – Rochelle A



Working with Jordan has been such a blessing. In these past 3 months, I've learned so much more than I expected to when I first signed up for this program. Each session has been filled with illuminating insights & top support. I don't just have a business now, I have a solid BRAND. I know exactly what I am doing, who I am serving, & how I can be of service.
       – Gaia T


I chose to work with Jordan because I was tired of putting in countless hours of time developing this biz baby of mine and still getting nowhere. Her down to earth personality, expertise that "trust me, this will all come together" and "this is how we do it to get there" in conjunction with her genuine interest in helping launch, grow, and be successful ignited my own desire to get serious about my biz. Jordan had the expertise I was missing.  
       – Kay R


Working with Jordan helped a lot because I had all these Ideas but wasn’t quite sure where to start.  She gave me a roadmap so I could knock out one thing at a time. I had the grand opening for my wellness center in July and she actually flew out for it. That was a really big deal! What coaches do you know that do that? Especially because she lives in California and I live in Oklahoma. Jordan’s very professional and it’s definitely worth the time, effort, and money that you invest.
       – Ashton B


Are you ready to elevate your brand and expand your influence?


Why work with me?



Bachelor of Arts
Graphic Design + Photography, University of Pennsylvania

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Promax Award

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